Jane Austen & the Bristol Giants | Blaise Castle Estate

23 March 2015

 A few weeks ago I shared with you one of Bristol's hidden treasures, Blaise Hamlet. Just around the corner lies Blaise Castle Estate, an 18th century mansion surrounded by 650 acres of rolling hills. The mansion itself has very limited opening hours during the winter months, however the grounds are open year round, and it's the grounds that hold the most history.
The grounds of Blaise Estate have been home to human settlements since the Neolithic Era, some five thousand years ago. Since then humans throughout the ages have left traces of their settlements in the form of burial mounds, caves, and even a castle on a hill. Legend has it two giants, Goram and Vincent, used to roam the land around Bristol, leaving footprints and gorges in their wake, which obviously explains Blaise's unique geographical features. Fast forward a few thousands years and Jane Austen refers to Blaise Castle Estate as the "finest place in England" in Northanger Abbey
Elle and I visited Blaise Castle Estate in the middle of the winter, so the mansion itself was closed. However, we opted to explore the vast grounds and hike up to the castle on the hill. To our amusement,  a princess was waiting at the top. Yes, a woman decked out in full princess attire was having her picture taken next to the castle. As we waited for the princess and her camera crew to leave, we looked out at the amazing views. With all the gorges, cliffs, and rolling hills in our eyesight, it's easy to believe the land was carved out by two giants!

What's your favorite local legend?

Happy Monday!

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