A Quick Guide to Rodeo Houston

26 March 2015

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is the world's largest livestock exhibition and rodeo. For twenty days during the month of March over three million people visit the rodeo grounds in central Houston to eat fried food, watch bull riding, and embrace their inner Texan. It's Houston's BIG event. Naturally, having recently moved back to Houston, I found myself at the Rodeo three times this year. It's hard to explain the rodeo if you have never been, so here's a quick guide to Rodeo Houston.

+ Visit the carnival
+ Get up close and personal with longhorns
+ Watch a live birth (cows, sheep, chicken, you name it!)
+ Get fitted for a cowboy hat
+ Buy a hot tub or a car

+ Fried Oreos
+ Fried Red Velvet Cake
+ Funnel Cake
+ Corn in a cup
+ Turkey legs
+ Brisket baked potato
+ Chicken Fried Bacon

+ The Evening Concerts: This year I saw Fall Out Boy and Florida Georgia Line, previous years have seen artists from the likes of the Black Eyed Peas, Taylor Swift, and even Hannah Montana.

+ Bull Riding: It's a good night if at least one cowboy can stay on their bull for at least 8 seconds.

+ The Calf Scrabble: Possibly one of the most entertaining events of the night, 20 or so kids chase 15 calves around the area. The kids who catch a calf, tie it, and bring it to the finishing line get to keep the it. 

+ Mutton Busting: Looking for something adorable? Mutton Busting is an event where 3-8 year old children ride sheep. Yep. That's an actual event. 

Happy Thursday!

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