Off the Beaten Track in England's Big Cities

27 April 2015

When visiting England it is easy to get caught up in the major tourist attractions offered. From the London Eye to Stonehenge, England is full of remarkable spots that are on everybody's bucket list. I have always been a supporter of visiting a destination's main attractions (they are usually popular for a reason), but sometimes it's nice to step away from those busy sites and see something special, secret, or less well known. Here are a few of my favorite 'Off the Beaten Track' spots in some of England's most famous cities!

Located in beautiful Kensington, the Church Hill Arms is a pub with an obsession with Winston Churchill as well as a Thai food restaurant with a love for indoor plants. Not only is the pub the prettiest thing you'll walk past while exploring Kensington, the inside decor is unique, interesting, and definitely worth the trip.

About 40 minutes outside of Bristol lies on of the most well kept secrets in the Southwest. Nine perfect picturesque styled cottages sitting around a green, Blaise Hamlet was built in 1811 and has been frozen in time ever since. Charge your camera beforehand because this is one of the most fairytale-like spots you'll ever see!

This tiny library located in Manchester's city centre is the oldest public library in the English speaking world. Your whole experience feels special, from the moment you are walked individually in by a member of staff, to standing in the same room where Karl Marx studied, to having the entire library to yourself.

Bath is home to literature, romance, and beauty. With so many wonderful tourist attractions, it's hard to spend time doing Bath the way the locals do. A must-see on a visit to this amazing city is Topping and Company Booksellers, a favorite amongst the locals. Why not pick up a book and read outside at one of Bath's many beautiful spots?

Scattered with beautiful Victorian structures, Shanklin Chine was the Isle of Wight's first ever tourist attraction. Forgotten after years of being a must seen destination, this gorge is a perfect stop for a walk through nature and history. Right next to the beach, Shanklin Chine is a unique inlet of untouched nature that is a must see when visiting the Isle of Wight.

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