Randor Lake State Park | Nashville, Tennessee

14 September 2015

Recently I found myself in Nashville, Tennessee once more. During my last visit I had absolutely fallen head first in love with this city. From wine to coffee, to city and country, Nashville is the perfect melting pot of culture and beauty. I was immediately taken aback by its surrounding natural beauty and knew this trip I would have to explore even further.

With the guidance of my best friend Leah we made the 15 minute drive out to Randor Lake State Park on an early Saturday morning. The park is easy enough to find if you know where it is. After a few minutes of circling the tiny parking lot until there was a spot available, Leah and I set out to follow one of the park's many trails. 

Sprawling over 1,300 acres, Randor Lake State Park was officially founded in 1923 as a natural preserve. However, it became the state of Tennessee's first all natural area in 1973. It can only be accessed during the day meaning camping is strictly forbidden. However, you can find this park bustling with people on any given morning as it is one of Nashville's most popular places to hike, bike, and walk your dog. 

Easily accessible from the main city, Randor Lake is the perfect place to get a little morning exercise while simultaneously exploring Tennessee's stunning wildlife. Bring a camera, some water, and your phone for directions. With over 12 miles of trails it's easy to get caught up in the beauty and forget where you parked your car!

Happy Monday!

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