The Houston Museum of Natural Science

17 September 2015

Moving back to a city where you grew up makes exploring rather difficult. Growing up in Houston I have possibly seen every major attraction and sight at least once which now deters me from repeating them as an adult. However, in a conscious effort to explore Houston more my friends and I made a trip to the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

The HMNS was a popular destination for class field trips when I was younger. I remember spending entire days exploring the museum and never getting bored. I've even attended a wedding at the museum where the dance floor happened to be next to a giant T-Rex skeleton. Pretty cool, right?

Entry to the museum can be a bit pricey, but if you happen to work for one of the thousands of museum partners you may just get a discount. It's worth asking if your company is on the list when you a arrive. After buying our tickets we headed into the museum and started out with the science-y bits.

We then made our way to the dinosaur hall where a friendly docent proceeded to tell us this was the largest dinosaur exhibit in the country. Although I can't find any actual proof to back up his bold claim, I will say the hall is IMPRESSIVE. The entire exhibit is the length of a football field and is home to a wide variety of prehistoric animals that easily capture your attention.

In addition to prehistoric bones, the Houston Museum of Natural Science also has exhibits on gems, Texas wildlife, Ancient Egypt, and American civilizations. You can find everything you are looking for in a museum and then some. The HMNS is one of Houston's best kept treasures and well worth a visit if you ever happen to find yourself in Space City!

Happy Thursday!

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  1. It is tough to explore a city that you grew up in. They've done a lot of work on the museum recently and I think it's turned out great! Groupon also has some good deals on tickets to TMNS and other Houston area attractions.


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