The Westin Chicago River North

05 April 2016

I'm not a hostel type of girl and I've never rented an Airbnb (don't worry, that'll be changing next month). I guess you could call me old fashioned when it comes to booking accommodation. Some travelers will budget every cent. For me however, I've always found with enough research you can find the perfect hotel at a reasonable price. 

My friends and I decided to split the cost of a hotel during our trip to Chicago a few weeks back. Since there were three of us, we decided to go for something central. We settled on the Westin Chicago River North. As soon as we stepped inside the lobby of this modern hotel we were in love. We lucked out in getting a room with a view. Chicago is beautiful from above!

So let me tell you a little story about our stay at the Westin Chicago River North. We didn't get into our room until 9pm on a Friday evening. Between work and school, all of us were exhausted. We decided instead of going out on our first night, why not grab a drink in the hotel lobby?

Somehow, within seconds of leaving our room, one of us got stuck. Stuck how, you may ask? Well, my dear friend Maison accidentally locked herself in the adjoining room hallway. We tried our room key once. We tried it twice. After SEVERAL attempts, we decided it was time to call down to the front desk for assistance. George, the front desk guy, found the whole situation hilarious. 

Eventually, the hotel 'engineers' were called up. They examined the situation and decided it was time to break it down. Yes, you read that correctly. The engineers BROKE THE DOOR DOWN. In the end, Maison was saved, George was very much amused, and we were all offered free drinks in the lobby. Best Friday night staff ever? I say YES! 

We all really enjoyed our stay at the Westin Chicago River North. Between the friendly staff, our little misadventure, and the modern room, we found everything to be perfect! If you find yourself in Chicago with a friend or two, the Westin is the perfect place to stay while exploring the Windy City. 


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