Blarney Castle and Gardens | County Cork, Ireland

09 June 2016

Ireland has an abundance of beautiful castles. Some are charming, some menacing. All of them, however, posses unique histories essential to the creation of Ireland as we know it today.

Our Paddywagon Tour reached its main destination some four hours after departing Dublin. Exhausted from the long journey, we found ourselves stretching our legs as we unloaded the bus in beautiful County Cork. The sun was shining on the town of Blarney and we began our stroll to Blarney Castle.

Blarney Castle and Gardens sprawls across some 60 beautiful acres.The original castle no longer stands, however the structure you see today was built in 1446. The castle gets its fame from a single stone constructed into the wall of the tower called Blarney Stone. Said to posses magical powers, Blarney Stone will provide a person the "gift of the gab" after a single kiss. 

Stretched by the time limit of our tour, Jon and I decided to forgo the hour long wait to kiss Blarney Stone. Who needs the gift of the gab anyway? Instead, we decided to explore Blarney's vast gardens and wildlife. 

The fully bloomed flowers guided our path to magical waterfalls, enchanting trees, and stone circles. The entire grounds are so vast one can easily spend an entire day exploring and never get bored.  

Although we only spent a short two hours at Blarney, our trip was well spent. Blarney Castle is open year round, seven days a week.


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