Howth Cliffside Walk | Ireland

23 June 2016

I never considered myself an 'outdoors' kind of girl growing up. Living in Texas, summers were brutally hot and I would spend my time soaking up any sort of air-conditioning I could find. It wasn't until I was an adult, after my move to England, that I really discovered my love for the outdoors.

Ireland is known for is rolling hills and stunning coastline. During my visit to Dublin I knew I had to get out to some of this natural beauty. As I had decided not to rent a car (I have a major fear of getting behind the wheel in countries that drive on the opposite side of the road), my choices were limited. I scoured Pinterest for the perfect hike, feeling slightly discouraged as almost all required some sort of drive. Finally, I came across this tiny seaside town less than 20 minutes outside Dublin's city centre. With a quick train ride and I had arrived in the beautiful town of Howth. 

Irish words can be tricky sometimes. I was explaining to my taxi driver the night before the hike where I were planning on going.

Me "Howth. H-O-W-T-H." 
Taxi Driver "Oh, you mean Hoath!"
Me "Hoath? No, we're going to Howth!"
Taxi Diver "You Americans an your accents" *proceeds to tell stories of other accents that he finds hilarious*

Long story short, Howth is pronounced HOATH and the Irish will laugh at you if you think it is any other way. 

The town of Howth is located on a peninsula, meaning any which way you walk will be filled with scenic views. I opted for the Cliffside Walk to the lighthouse. The weather was beautiful and I found myself peeling off layers as I trekked on. There are several trails you can follow, but my total hike lasted a short two hours. 

Where are some of your favorite places to hike?

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