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30 June 2016

You may have seen Isabel around the interwebs before. An expat in Slovenia, she has been sharing her adventures on The Sunny Side of This ever since she made the big move across the pond. From Mexico to Slovenia, Isabel shares the best travel bits from around the globe. She even co-hosts Wanderful Wednesday, a weekly link up for all things travel. I decided it was time to get to know Isabel a little better. 

Tell us about The Sunny Side of This! 
The Sunny Side of This is a blog I started as a way to document my journey to Slovenia, The Sunny Side of the Alps. My boyfriend (now husband), who is Slovenian, proposed after a couple of years of being in a long distance relationship. At the beginning, I wrote about more wedding/LDR things and as I started to settle into life in Slovenia I was desperate to explore this beautiful country that now I call home.  At the same time, I started getting emails of people asking me about travel in Slovenia or Mexico and alas, my "serious" blogging began. Now The Sunny Side of This is a travel/expat blog about all my adventures (and mis-adventures) of my life in Slovenia and abroad.

What is your hometown Hermosillo, Mexico like?
The polar opposite of Slovenia, actually. It is the capital of Sonora, a state part of the Sonora-Arizona desert. So yes, it is full of cacti and desert life! The coolest perk is that it has a beach less than 100km away (that is still part of our city), that has warm water all year round (Thank you, Gulf of California!). The weather is pretty extreme and it is hot mostly all year, but the people are the nicest. Even though it is a "capital" (the 16th biggest in Mexico to be exact with over 800k inhabitants), you still get to have a simple kind of like where you know everybody and you always feel at home.

You are now living in Slovenia. How did you end up moving to Europe?
I fell in love with a Slovenian :) I lived in Europe before for my exchange semester, and I sore that I would never fall in love with a foreigner, but well.. here I am. Now I am finishing up my masters and have a job at an online business publication, things really went according to plan and better! I'm really happy I took the leap and followed my heart. 

Where in Slovenia would you recommend for a first time traveler? 
I would actually recommend people to stay for a week in Slovenia. People usually spend half a day in Ljubljana after being in Bled. Now, don't get me wrong, Bled IS a fairytale and Ljubljana is a cozy and beautiful European capital. But there is so much more to Slovenia that will leave you breathless. I would say visit Logarska Dolina, and the Soca Valley. Those places are like something out of a movie set. 

What is the biggest cultural barrier you’ve come across since living in Slovenia?
Well people are much quieter and reserved here than in Mexico. They are very warm and welcoming though but I'm naturally talkative and giggly person, so often hard for me to understand if they are just being polite when they are being serious or if they just don't like me. It is usually that they are just being polite (I hope!).

If you could do one holiday destination over again (good or bad), what would it be and why?
I don't know if it is good or bad, but I wish I would've traveled within Mexico more. I mean it is a huge country anyway, it is not like I would've been able to explore the whole place. But I would've liked to go to Oaxaca and La Huesteca Potosina before I moved to Europe. I will make it work somehow though, those places are on TOP of my bucket list. 



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