Throwback | Italy

29 October 2013

I'm attempting to organize my life.
And when I say life, I mean the 'Travel' page of my blog. 
Most of the countries I have visited were pre-Bristol in my Pocket. I thought long and hard about how I should include some of those travels, and it dawned on me: Throwbacks.
So grab a cup of tea and enjoy the lovely pictures of me in my awkward years. 

Rome, Pompeii, and Sorrento. 
July 2008: Age 17

Italy was my first European experience. I was just discovering my love for history around this time, and there was no better country to see than Italia. To my surprise, Italy turned out to be one of the worst traveling experiences I ever had. 

After just two days in Rome, I came down with the WORST case of food poisoning. Typical Sara move. Leave it to me to get sick in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. I spent most of the vacation in hotel rooms, watching Italian MTV and reading Twilight.

We spent a few days in Rome, followed by a day trip to Pompeii before spending the rest of the vacation in Sorrento. My parents took turns staying with me in the hotel and taking my sister out and about.

I hope that one day I'll be able to return to Italy and experience it for real.
But for now, enjoy the pictures of seventeen year old me on the few days I was able to venture outside.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I started my blog as a way to organise all my past travels, so a lot of my posts are past adventures. Personally I think you can throw whatever you want in! I try to include the dates if it was a while ago on the bottom of the post, or at least say somewhere when it was though. Experiences are always fun to share and read no matter when they happened. I have def run into the embarrassing picture scenario though haha.

  2. I LOVE your awkward years! I've been going back and doing some of my old travels and it's so hard to remember everything but it's great for keeping it all together and of course, the memories!

    Kate | Diaries of a Essex Girl

  3. Wow! So beautiful!! I love the "throwback" idea!

  4. that picture of you in the grey shirt...i have stood exactly at that spot. i know exactly where it is! i love throwback posts, even if you feel like its burdening your travel page to type in retrospect ... it's totally not!

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