Brandon Hill | Bristol, England

26 January 2014

Since arriving in England some four months ago I've come to the realization that you have to enjoy the little things. It's easy to overwhelm yourself with tourist attractions and what not, but the best way to enjoy your new city is do as the locals do.

Brandon Hill is a hidden gem. Just around the corner from my flat, it's easily missed if you don't know it's there. Brandon Hill has become my 'relaxation' spot. Not so much lately with the cold weather, but if it's a beautiful day you can most likely find me sitting on a bench, people watching. The hill provides some of the most amazing views of the city, and it's easily one of my favorite places in Bristol.

One of these days I'll climb Cabot Tower, but trust me when I say climbing to the top of the hill is exhausting enough.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. I actually love your blog!
    Its so interesting & ill make sure to follow!
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  2. I love Cabot Tower - it was closed for a few years but I there was a campaign a couple of years ago to make it safe to open again.

  3. I love the shot with the bridge in the background. x

  4. HOLY COW, I stayed up till 4am going through your entire blog and I hope I don't sound like a creep. I love reading an outsider's perspective on a city then they slowly start unfolding the non-tourist-y places. I'm so jealous that you got to move to Bristol because it sounds amazing and you seem to be living the adventure (with a side dish of essays)! And I love that you include a bit of history in your posts. Your blog is just refreshing to read!

    1. Thanks so much! This comment made me laugh :) I'm really starting to get a feel for Bristol now, and the history in my posts is just natural instinct for me as a History MA student. Lol!


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