Thoughts From Abroad | Part 13

11 January 2014

1) I apologize for my brief absence from the blogging world. I was back in Texas for the holidays, and to top it all off I had 3 essays and 4 medieval transcriptions to finish! To say I have been busy is an understatement.

2) I'm back in the UK! Woohoo! Although I loved being back home for a few weeks, it's nice to be in my own routine again. If you haven't noticed, I'm extremely independent and function best when on my own. 

3) I don't think I've ever said this before in my life: it IS possible to eat too much. I've eaten so much the last couple of weeks. Goodbye American portions!

4) Having said that, I will miss margaritas and queso. And kolaches.

5) Over the break my old roommate and I planned a trip to Ireland when she comes to visit me in April!

6) I forgot how nice it is to walk out of the house in yoga pants and a t-shirt without being judged. Gotta love the casual sorority look.

7) Y'all. The Olympics are about to start and I have no TV. What. The. Heck.

8) I think I've beat jet lag... I think.

9) It's weird to think that in 8 months I would have turned in my dissertation and completed my masters program. Time to start panicking yet?

10) I'm never one to make New Year's Resolutions, however there is one task I would like to accomplish in 2014. Travel outside the UK more! My first 3 months in England were an adjustment period. Now that I am comfortable living abroad, I think it's time for me to travel Europe more!

Happy Saturday!


  1. I wear my yoga pants and casual shirts around London all the time. I figure, maybe I'll start a trend. x

  2. Can't wait to see where your travels take you this year! And we just were in Ireland in November and loved it! Let me know if you need any recs! :)

  3. Let me know if you want tips for Ireland- I went there twice this past year!

  4. Haha, I know what you mean about eating too much. I did the same over Christmas!

  5. you still need to visit Nottingham ;) you have to go to the pub in the caves!

  6. Omg I just got so depressed because I have been looking forward to the Olympics and I forgot I don't have a tv anymore either! Agh! My husband I and live in Slovenia right now. Anyway thanks for the heads up..literally didn't consider that before. Looks like ill be looking for the cafes with TVs


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