Thoughts From Abroad | Part 20

28 February 2014

1) I'm almost done with Dracula. The second half has taken me a bit longer than expected but I LOVE IT!

2) I've managed to order every book known to man on Henry VII. Dissertation, I am ready for you.

3) I've been fighting a cold all week. Super fun, right?

4) Lush has a fantastic way of hiring the friendliest people. I am always impressed with how helpful they are!

5) I've come to the conclusion bread is very small in this country. When I go to buy sandwich bread, my options are small or smaller. 

6) I spent about 3 hours updating my resume/CV. It's fancy y'all. 

7) The Photo Hunt is tomorrow! AHHHHH! 

8) Leah freaking Sears is coming to England in 8 days! Get excited for TON of amazing posts because we are going to be busy tourists!

9) Last night I went to go see As You Like It with my boyfriend and his parents. As You Like It was one of the few Shakespeare plays I knew almost nothing about, but I absolutely loved it! By far one of my favorites!

10) Yesterday I was contacted by a man who had a beautiful story to tell about his wife. She was diagnosed with Mesothelioma and given only 15 months to live. Not only did she beat it, she has now been 8 years cancer free. To check out their amazing story and to face your fears, visit Lung Leaving Day.  

Happy Friday!


  1. Love these posts with little happenings from abroad. I have the hardest time finding sandwich bread here as well!

  2. Did you go to the Tobacco Factory? I have friends in that production so I'm glad you enjoyed it :P x

  3. wow your blog is amazing :D good job :) love your background

    would mean a lot if you would check out my blog

  4. I absolutely love these thoughts from abroad posts! I'm so glad you're enjoying yourself over there! x

  5. The bread isn't big enough? Where are you buying bread and how big is it supposed to be? :P The Breadstore on Gloucester Road is great, just the smell is to die for!

    Featured your blog in my monthly favourites this month, especially these thoughts from abroad posts! Keep them coming :D

    Kelly xxx

  6. You're blog is fabulous! Do you mind checking my blog out?

  7. Oooh please show off your new resume!


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