Spicer + Cole | Bristol, England

19 March 2014

Just up the road in Clifton Village is a tiny cafe with a lot of character.
Leah and I stumbled upon it by accident. We were craving an afternoon tea, but seeing as it was 4:30pm, most cafes had already closed.
We walked by Spicer + Cole and noticed they were open.
The rest is history.

Leah's signature look. 

During Leah's week long visit to England, we spent 3 afternoons sitting in Spicer + Cole.
The atmosphere was great and the wi-fi was even better.
When looking them up online I realized there is one slightly closer to my neck of Bristol. New study space? I'm thinking yes.

Spicer + Cole

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I'm coming back to Bristol for 6 months (in 3 weeks time) so I'll have to check this out. I love Clifton Village. Have you been to the Primrose Cafe? It's a must-do!

  2. I love this about Europe, the amazing little places to stumble on.

  3. This looks like a perfect cafe to spend the afternoon!

  4. Definitely one for my weekend I think :) Thanks for the recommendation x

  5. I would legit have to eat ALL the things in this place!

  6. Hi Sara, your blog is so lovely and unique - I have nominated you for the Liebster Award I hope that's alright? I can't wait to see what you post next :) x


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