The Time(s) I Met The Wanted

29 March 2014

I have thought about writing this post before, but decided against it as it is an extremely long story. It's been requested here and there, but it wasn't until I saw The Wanted live again last night that I realized how much of an influence their music was on me and my move abroad.

This is an extremely long post. Over the past 3 years I have been to 4 concerts, interacted with the band 3 times, and been backstage twice. So if you aren't into The Wanted or just don't like wordy post, read no further. My regular formatted posts will be back on Monday! 

It's no secret I'm a fangirl.
Always have, always will be. 
My boyband obsession began with N*Sync.
Then the Jonas Brothers.
Then McFly.
 Then in 2011 I first heard The Wanted. I was living in London that summer, and all anyone could talk about was The Wanted.
I was at the final Harry Potter movie premiere in Trafalgar Square when a group of guys surrounded by security walked right past. A girl next to me screamed her little heart out, and when she finally stopped I asked her who they were.
"The Wanted!" She said excitedly. 
"Oh, that band that sings Glad You Came?" Was my response. 
Glad You Came was the only song I had heard by them seeing as it had just been released as their single in the UK. When I moved back to Texas later that summer, I began listening to them more.


Fast forward six months. 
It was January 2012 and The Wanted were playing their first Texas show ever. 
I drove six hours to see them in a tiny bar in Dallas. 
I was in my "reverse culture shock" phase, and all I wanted to do was see a band that reminded me of England.
The show was intimate, only about 100 people. No one really knew them in the states, as they hadn't even been played on the radio in the US at that point. 
I took my cousin, Rachel, who has a lot of personality. She managed to get us right next to the sound booth and the bouncer on the side of the stage, where we watched the entire show. At some point the bouncer turned his head, letting us stand backstage to watch.
The show was amazing, and because it was so small, the guys were actually able to interact with the audience. 
Click here for a video of that show. 

Afterwards, my cousin and I chilled outside their tour bus. We weren't the only ones there, so we knew chances of them actually stopping to say hi were slim. When they finally came out they went straight to their bus. But as Jay walked by he did a double take of me and my cousin, took a few steps back, and asked 
"How are you doing tonight?"
Me being completely starstruck answered in a high pitched voice "I'm fantastic!"
*face palm*
I knew right then and there I would have to redeem myself one day.


Two months later I tweeted Jay saying how excited I was that they were coming back to the states. I don't remember exactly what I tweeted but this was his response.

Followed by this. 

Shortly after I was also followed by the band's Twitter account. 

A few months later, it was June 2012.
I bought tickets to see The Wanted at Six Flags. By then Glad You Came had made it's radio debut in the US so the show was much bigger.
I coerced my friend Leah into helping me win backstage passes over the radio. She lived in Mississippi, and was on a road trip from Mississippi to Florida. She didn't have access to the radio station that was doing the contest, but I gave her the number to call and the time to do it.
After about 15 minutes of me trying to get through to the radio station, I had no luck. So I gave up and turned up the radio to see who won.
To my surprise I heard Leah's voice. She had won. 
She was unable to attend the actual show, so I invited my cousin and two of my roommates. 
My cousin and I were the first ones backstage, and to my surprise we were greeted with kisses and huge hugs. 

(This was my blonde phase)

Nathan barely made the show that day due to a delayed flight, so wasn't backstage while me and my cousin were. But the other guys were absolutely amazing.


It was almost a year before I saw them again. 
I flew to Houston (I lived in Lubbock at this time) for their 2013 Cinco de Mayo show with Carley Rae Jepsen.
A little birdy had informed me when they would be at the airport.
So naturally I stuck around. 
To my surprise, Jay actually recognized me. 
"Sara, right?"
I pretty much died right there.
We all chilled outside the airport for about 30 minutes with a few other fans.
Jay and Siva were being swarmed by the girls who were there, so Tom, Max, and I chilled outside their van talking about how freaking hot Houston was. 
Max proceeded to lick my head.
Nathan just had his surgery so was unable to attend, but once again I was impressed at how down to earth the rest of the guys were. 


And finally, the last tour.
The Wanted announced they were "taking a break" after the tour.
So my friend and I traveled from Bristol to Cardiff to see one of their last shows. 
It was her first show, my fourth, and it was AMAZING.

Music has always been a big part of my life, and I credit these guys for giving me the strength to move abroad. I know it sounds silly, but sometimes you need someone to tell you to be strong. Someone to tell you you're special.
Seeing The Wanted's success over the past three years made me realize anyone can be successful in what they do. Being raised in a culture where the biggest success in life is to get married and have babies, I realized there was more to the world. I went from being a girl with no career aspirations to a girl who wants to pave her own way.
I moved to England for many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons was to become successful. I felt I couldn't be the girl I wanted to be back home.

So there you have it!
It's been a long ride filled with some of my best memories.

Happy Saturday!


  1. I must admit, I think I've heard one song of them before and don't even ask me the title because I don't know! But I like this post because it's so personal! Of course we're all interested in each other's travels and expat lives here but I also love to find out what the person behind the blog is like. I enjoy blogs like yours way more than those high-end ones where it's only about travel and travel advice but where you don't even know who wrote it! And this post isn't even that long ;)
    And I can totally relate to "Being raised in a culture where the biggest success in life is to get married and have babies". It's not the same in Germany I guess but as I grew up on the countryside, most of my schoolmates had exactly that goal in life. I always wanted something different but every now and then I still earn weird looks when I say that I don't want to live in Germany anymore or even when I say that I want to do a Masters. As if I have to feel bad about wanting to have a career instead of staying at home with 5 kids and waiting for daddy to bring the money home..... ;)

  2. Beautiful post Sara! Thinking bigger picture is totally you! Do you remember the snow globe Dad and I gave you that has a spinning globe and plays, "The Impossible Dream"? Do you also remember what we had engraved on it? "Sara, Go Get the World, Love Mom and Dad". You are taking the steps necessary to follow your dream. You make us proud Sara. You will always be our princess, that we support and love unconditionally. <3

  3. wow! that was really interesting! i think it's quite inspiring as it shows that when something actually matters to you then you can find ways to make that happen, which is what you did:) how cool is it that he recognized you?!:)
    maddie x


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