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17 April 2014

Henry VII is my thing. 

When I picked Henry VII as the focus of my dissertation, I immediately ordered every book I could find on him. 
Some, I have to admit, are pretty dull. 
Others, pretty fascinating.
Winter King by Thomas Penn falls into the 'fascinating' category. 

Non-fiction books have a tendency to state dates and facts, allowing little interpretation for the reader. I never considered the possibility that a non-fiction book could be suspenseful and thrilling. Thomas Penn's writing creates a fuller and deeper story to the life of Henry VII. He captivates the reader with the drama of early Tudor history without creating fiction.
I would suggest this book to anyone who enjoys real life soap operas or Tudor history.

Other titles similar to this book include:
Hilary Mantel Wolf Hall
Philippa Gregory The Red Queen and The White Princess

There will be no Thought's From Abroad post tomorrow as I just got back from Ireland. Expect lots of amazing Irish posts soon!

Happy Thursday!


  1. This sounds like it might be right up Mr Tide's street. Will add it to the list of presents I keep for him.

  2. Hmm...what if I like Philippa Gregory, but couldn't get into Wolf Hall? x

    1. It probably wouldn't be your cup of tea then. But worth a shot if you're really interested in Tudor history!


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