The London Eye at Sunset

01 June 2014

After three nights in Bristol, my family and I headed to London for the rest of their vacation.
We hadn't planned on doing the London Eye,
but we realized when we walked by at sunset there was NO LINE.
So we quickly bought some tickets.

My mom and I had done the London Eye before,
but it was in the middle of the day a couple of years ago.
At sunset, the entire city of London seems to change.
It was absolutely beautiful!
If you ever plan on doing the Eye in the future, do it at sunset.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Amazing!! How lucky that there was NO line and at Sunset. Gorgeous photos

  2. ...It's all so prettyful (then again it is London)!!...Glorious pictures, :-)...

  3. beautiful pictures, I really like your outfit :)

  4. Great advice to do it at sunset! I feel like that's one of those things I wouldn't really think about beforehand but then afterwards someone would mention it and I'd be bummed that I hadn't thought of it earlier haha great pictures!! :)

    Cat ♥ CACHOO JOO

  5. well that sure is beautiful! what a lovely evening!

  6. So beautiful at sunset. I've not done the London Eye yet (even after numerous times in London) but I think I need to add it to the list next time I'm there!


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