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23 July 2014

St Andrew's is a quiet town tucked away on the coast of Scotland. It's a beautiful escape full of some of Scotland's most fascinating history! Founded in the 11th century, St. Andrew's was predominately town of worship and pilgrimage as it was believed the bones of St. Andrew were buried somewhere nearby. After the Scottish Reformation, the town fell into ruins. It was only until the 19th century that St. Andrew's began to grow again. Today, St. Andrew's is most famous for being the "home of golf", as well as the meeting place of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

I visited St. Andrew's on a chilly day in June 2011. I only had a few hours in this wonderful town, so I decided to make the most of it. All sites and restaurants listed below are places I personally visited. I do not recommend places or services until I have experienced them for myself.


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Admission - £4.50
Original constructed in the 12th century, St. Andrew's Cathedral is located on the edge of the small town. The cathedral lies mainly in ruins, however, you can climb the 10th century tower which offers a spectacular view of the entire city. Individual tickets for the cathedral are £4.50, but can also be purchased with admission to St. Andrew's Castle for £7.20. 

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Admission- £5.50
Located near St. Andrew's Cathedral, St. Andrew's Castle is a 10th century structure which lies in ruins. The castle itself is situated directly next to the coast, allowing a spectacular view of the sea. The castle mines are also a fun place to explore, if you're willing to explore dark small spaces! Individual tickets are £5.50, unless purchased with St. Andrew's Cathedral for a total of £7.20.

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The Old Course at St. Andrew's is one of the world's first golf courses. Beautifully located along the coast, the course is home to the British Open. The course is perfect for a photo opportunity, but do not walk on the actual course as people are always golfing!


Located conveniently near the major sites of St. Andrew's, North Point Cafe is a perfect spot for breakfast/brunch. It was also a usual coffee spot for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during their university days. The cafe is small, but the prices are reasonable.
Suggested Dish: Full English breakfast

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