Thoughts From Abroad | Part 37

11 July 2014

Recently I've realized how difficult it is to come up with content for Thoughts From Abroad.
These posts were originally designed to point out the little day to day struggles I face as an American living abroad. However, as I approach my 10th month in England, it's safe to say these little struggles no longer stand out to me. 

So, the day has come to take a little break from Thoughts From Abroad.
I am not taking a blogging break. You can expect the same amount of posts from me as usual. 
I'm just going to step back from TFA for awhile to brainstorm and develop new content.

Speaking of new content... I am happy to announce the launch of my Travel Guides page! Here you will be able to find posts specifically designed to help YOU plan future trips based on my experiences! While the page is a little bare at the moment, you can expect lots of new "Travel Guide" posts coming your way soon!
Stay tuned!

Happy Friday!

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