Bradford-on-Avon, England

07 August 2014

Just a short train ride from Bristol lies the tiny town of Bradford-on-Avon. After hours of staring at my computer screen, I decided I deserved a break. So, I put my dissertation on hold for the day and spent a few hours wandering around this beautifully romantic town. Located along the Avon River (the same river that flows through Bristol and Bath), Bradford-on-Avon is extremely easy to get to and small enough to walk from one end to the other. 
 The town was originally the site of a Roman settlement. The Normans later settled along the river, leaving behind some amazing pieces of architecture that are still standing today. During the Civil War (the English Civil War obviously), the Royalists captured Bradford-on-Avon's main bridge which proved to be crucial to crossing the river. The entire town is built in Bath Stone, and is commonly referred to as "Little Bath".  
The nickname "Little Bath" is both agreeable and disagreeable. After spending an afternoon in Bradford-on-Avon, I found that although the town"looks" like a little version of Bath, it has its own unique history to offer. The atmosphere in Bradford-on-Avon is completely different than that of Bath. It's the perfect riverside town to experience that true English village feeling. 

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