Gloucester Cathedral

21 October 2014

The main purpose of my little day trip to Gloucester a couple of weeks ago was to visit Gloucester Cathedral. I had been told Gloucester Cathedral was one of the most impressive cathedrals in the country, and I was not disappointed. 

When  you move to a European country, your view of medieval churches goes through phases like this:
Phase 1 | Wow, this is amazing!
Phase 2 | Wait, they all kind of look the same.
Phase 3 | I'm over this.
Phase 4 | I can now distinguish the different types of medieval architecture, this is amazing again!

I'm currently in Phase 4. I've reached the point of seeing SO many cathedrals and abbeys that I can actually understand the unique and individual beauty of each. Gloucester Cathedral exemplifies English Gothic architecture in a way I had not seen before. 

Construction on the cathedral began in the 11th century and continued for hundreds of years. It is famously the home of Edward II's tomb, and the location of Henry III's coronation. More recently, the cathedral was used as the corridors of Hogwarts in the Harry Potter films including that famous scene where "The Chamber of Secrets has been opened, enemies of the heir beware". 

Happy Tuesday!

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