A Day Trip to Gloucester

17 October 2014

I've been meaning to visit Gloucester for, well, ages. I finally had a day off and took the opportunity to take the train to nearby Gloucester. Gloucester and Bristol have historically been linked since Norman England. Although located about an hour apart, Bristol had been considered part of Gloucestershire until 1373 when Bristol was officially named it's own county. Gloucester itself was founded in 97CE by the Romans. Geographically, Gloucester was the ideal place to cross the River Severn into Wales, later making it an important Norman and medieval city.

After arriving in Gloucester, I immediately felt like I was back in a small Massachusetts town. Its architecture was an obvious model for New England towns, specifically ones around Boston and Plymouth. I couldn't get over the feeling of being back stateside! The entire city is easy to walk, and even on a quiet week day there was so much to do! I was lucky to catch Gloucester on our last sunny day! Fall has officially arrived here in England and so has the rain!

Happy Friday!

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