Into the Crypt | Gloucester Cathedral

25 October 2014

 My trip to Gloucester Cathedral couldn't have worked out better than if I had actually planned it. I showed up to the cathedral without having done any research (which is very unlike me I would like to point out). Turns out I showed up during the cathedral's main art exhibition, and five minutes before a free guided tour of the crypt started. So, I joined the line with no idea what to expect.

Guided tours of the crypt are free, and usually take place every half hour between 11:30 and 2:30. Because of the art exhibition, the my group consisted of about twenty of us, much more than the guides were used to. However, our guide adapted beautifully, mixing just the right amount of information about the art pieces and the crypt's architecture to please everyone in the group. 

Gloucester Cathedral's crypt is one of the only Norman crypt's in the country. Built as the original place of worship in the church, the crypt was used for prayer, funerals, and even as a place to hide treasure during times of conflict. Unfortunately, there isn't much known about the crypt other than the fact it was the first part of the church built. A trip down there is a must for anyone visiting the cathedral!

Happy Saturday!

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