5 Southwest English Towns You Should Visit

29 October 2014

I'm not lying to you when I say some of my closest friends back home still think I live in London. For some reason it's hard for people to process the fact that there are other cities in England, let alone why anyone would want to live outside the capital anyway. I do love London, I really do, but trust me when I say there's a whole country worth exploring. 

I've been calling the Southwest home for the past year. No, not the American Southwest. The English Southwest! From Roman baths to medieval cathedrals, the English Southwest has so much to offer. So if you ever find yourself in England and dare to explore outside of London, here are five Southwest English towns you should consider visiting. 
I’m pretty biased when it comes to Bristol. Bristol is home now, and without a doubt I could not be happier. I moved here having never visited, which was kind of crazy but oh so worth it. Bristol has the small town feel with all the conveniences of a big city. I’ll leave you with my favorite quote, one that describes Bristol perfectly. “I love Bristol because it knows who it is. It's cool and cosmopolitan and it doesn't compete with other cities. Bristol is happy dancing to the beat of its own drum."- Stephen Merchant

Stepping off the train in Bath is like stepping through a time machine. Instantly you feel as if you are in a Jane Austen novel. Bath is England’s most romantic city. It happens to be the home to some of England’s oldest history as well. Visit the Roman Baths, then Bath Cathedral just a few steps away.

The smallest city in all of England, Wells is the setting for the hilarious movie “Hot Fuzz”. Although small, Wells is home to my favorite cathedral in England as well as a beautiful medieval palace.

Home to one of the four surviving copies of the Magna Carta, Salisbury is located 20 minutes south of Stonehenge. It’s local markets and impressive cathedral are must sees on a visit to this medieval city.

Just 8 miles southeast of Bath, this tiny town is commonly nicknamed “Little Bath”. While the architecture is similar, the atmosphere of Bradford-on-Avon is completely different. Off the beaten track, this town is perfect for capturing true English village life. 

Happy Wednesday! 

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