Hogwarts in the Snow | Warner Brothers Studios

05 December 2014

Are you sitting down with a nice cup of tea? Good. This is a long one so be prepared! I had no self control when trying to limit the photos down for this post.

Although I lived in England last year I was lucky enough to spend the holiday season back home with my family. This year however will be my first Christmas away from home. Although I'll miss everyone I am extremely excited to have an English Christmas! There's no better way to kick off this Christmas season by sharing something extremely British.... My visit to Hogwarts in the Snow!

My first visit to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London was over a year ago. I was overwhelmed with emotions and didn't properly take everything in. Having wanted to go back at some point, Hogwarts in the Snow seemed like the perfect opportunity. From 14th November to 1 of February, the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studios are transformed for the holiday season. The Christmas trees are put up, the tables are decorated, and the snow is everywhere.

If you haven't been to the Warner Bros. Studio in London, all tickets must be booked in advance. We booked our tickets over a month in advanced and that particular day sold out barely a couple of hours afterwards! Upon arrival you are greeted by Daniel, Rupert, and Emma (or at least, the 2D versions of them) who share with you some special behind the scenes footage. Afterwards, the magic begins. I won't spoil all the fun for those of you who haven't been but a word of advice, allow yourself at LEAST three hours to properly explore.

Doesn't Hogwarts just look amazing?!

On a side note, I want to thank everyone for all the support given on my last post. I had been so hesitant to post my visa problems but hearing everyone else's stories made me remember I'm not alone in this. The blogging community is filled with kindred spirits who have been through similar situations. Thank you for all the support and I'll be sure to keep you updated! My little week long blogging break was much needed but I have a lot in store for Bristol In My Pocket this holiday season!

Happy Friday!

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