A Castle on a Hill | Edinburgh Castle

02 April 2015

On a brisk and sunny morning, after a much needed coffee, I marched up the Royal Mile to the most famous landmark in all of Edinburgh. Edinburgh Castle dominates the skyline anywhere you are in the Scottish capital. Beautiful yet menacing, there has been a human settlement on Castle Rock since the Iron Age. Still a functional fortress today, Edinburgh Castle is home to the Royal Regiment of Scotland and the Scottish Crown Jewels. The building has withstood cannon fire, English invasions, and civil war. High above the surrounding area, the castle has had a strong military advantage throughout its long history.

We found ourselves pleasantly surprised at the lack of people on our visit to the castle. I had visited Edinburgh Castle before, but a trip in June is very different than a trip in January. Although cold (very very cold), January offers fewer crowds and a more personal experience with every staff member. The castle is absolutely massive, and offers unique history exhibits ranging from Mary Queen of Scots to modern military. Like the Tower of London, it's hard to see everything in one visit. There's just too much! So bring a warm pair of gloves and your camera, Edinburgh Castle is a must on any visit to the Scottish capital!

+ Arrive right when the castle opens. There are no lines and you'll have freedom to wonder around without worrying about the crowds!
+ Allot at least 3 hours for the castle. I know that sounds a little excessive but there is so much to see!
+ Utilize the castle's free tours! Quick and easy to join, the tours give you an overall history of the site while simultaneously explaining the confusing layout. 
+Opening Hours:
Summer 9:30am - 6:00pm
Winter 9:30am - 5pm
+Admission: 16.50 pounds

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Fantastic photos! I agree...arrive early and plan on spending a few hours! I personally love the views...so amazing!!


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