Why I Didn't 'Travel More'

06 April 2015

Since moving back to the states
one of the most frequently asked question has been 
"Why didn't you travel more?"

In the 17 months I lived in England I never went to mainland Europe. 
Heck, I only left the United Kingdom twice 
(once to visit my family in Texas, once for a trip to Ireland). 
But that doesn't mean I didn't travel.
That question absolutely infuriates me.
So my response, 
"I spent my time exploring the country I did live in". 

There's more to the United Kingdom than London, Bath, or Oxford.
There's an entire country waiting to be explored.
There are so many places I still have yet to visit in the UK. 
I didn't just want to travel to the UK, I wanted to understand it. 
And I was not going to pass up that amazing opportunity.
You can't understand a country by visiting it for a weekend or two. 

Living abroad allows you to understand your new country in a completely unique way.
Being an expat doesn't just mean you are experiencing another culture,
you are living it and allowing it to shape who you are.
It changed who I was for the better. 

Paris will always be there. Amsterdam too. 
There are so many places I want to visit, 
but I have the rest of my life to do so.
Living abroad is a blessing that should not be taken for granted. 

Polly from 'A Girl and Her Travels' has also written a lovely post about traveling and living abroad, which you can read here.

Happy Monday!

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