Chepstow Castle | Wales

10 October 2016

Perched on a cliff overlooking the river is a castle sitting in ruin. It's a familiar sight in small Welsh towns, however you can tell this castle is different. Maybe because it overlooks the border between Wales and England. You aren't sure. But you are drawn in by its sheer size and beauty. 

Chepstow Castle is a beautiful example of a fortress. Its obvious changes over the centuries allowed it to stay relevant and strong. Construction began in 1067, making it one of the oldest stone fortresses in Britain. Its original purpose was to watch, and intimidate, the Welsh. Its presence would have been both breathtaking and frightening. 

Ownership passed from lord to lord, however its military purpose came to an end in 1685. Like many castles after the English civil war, it laid in ruin for hundreds of years. Its eventual rise in tourism can be attributed to the industrial revolution and the modernization of leisurely travel in the mid 19th century. With the invention of steam trains and steam ships, people began exploring some of Britain's most beautiful treasures. 

Getting to Chepstow Castle is quite easy. A 10 minute walk from the train station, the castle is hard to miss. For 6 pounds you have unlimited access to the grounds. Every nook and cranny has something interesting behind it! 

What are some of your favorite castles across Europe?


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