Pike Place Market | Seattle, WA

17 October 2016

  There is nothing more wonderful than a Friday morning stroll through the market. Some stalls are in full swing, prepared for the morning rush. Others sleepily set up, knowing they have a long day ahead. Regardless as to why you find yourself there, Pike Place Marker has a little something for everyone.

With the exception of St. Roch Market in New Orleans, Pike Place is one of my favorite public markets in America. Opened in 1907, it is now considered one of the oldest continuously running markets int he country. Seeing as it is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Seattle, Elle and I decided to make it our first stop on our girls weekend to the city. 

Pike Place is home to a variety of stalls and vendors. The market is so much bigger than we expected, so we opted to grab a cup of Starbucks while we wandered. Now, I know what you are thinking. Seattle is known for amazing coffee, so why chose Starbucks? Tucked away in a little shop just across the street from the main market happens to be the original Starbucks. Yes, THE original Starbucks. If you plan on making to basic pilgrimage to the holy store, make sure to arrive early. We were there at 8 and there was already quite a line!

There is something I love about wandering through markets in America. The atmosphere is unique and vibrant, something that can't often be found anymore in most cities across the country. There's a reason Pike Place is the number one tourist attraction in Seattle, and the 33rd in the world. Next time you are in Seattle make sure to spend a few hours enjoying the beauty Pike Place Market has to offer. 

What are some of your favorite markets around the world?
First three photo credit: Elle 

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