Salisbury, England

15 December 2013

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Salisbury, England.
Like I said in my previous post on Salisbury Cathedral, I was not really excited about visiting. However, everything about this tiny English town was lovely and I would love to go back one day (possibly when it's warmer).

We only spent about 4 hours in Salisbury, but I absolutely fell in love with it's traditional English feel. 
We wandered around the busy streets, drank some mulled cider, and of course, hit up the Christmas Market.

I have a couple more day trips planned before I go back to Texas for Christmas.
What other trips should I plan for the spring?

Happy Sunday!


  1. It looks so beautiful! I've never been to Salisbury but i'd love to visit now after seeing these pictures!x

  2. Looks lovely and so do you. I love the first picture.

  3. I love visiting little towns like that where there's no rush to do certain attractions, just enjoying the city. Sounds like a lovely day!


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