Wells Cathedral | Wells, England

17 December 2013

Like my visit to Hereford, I went to Wells for a class trip to transcribe medieval manuscripts.
After about two hours of straining our eyes looking at medieval letters and charters in the Wells Cathedral archive, we were treated with an exclusive tour.

Wells Cathedral was built between 1175 and 1490. It was the first Gothic cathedral in England, and is located in England's smallest city.

Our tour allowed us access to the chained library, the upper balconies, and the roof. Although getting to the roof was no easy task (try climbing 250 spiraling steps in the dark) the view was absolutely amazing. 

"Started from the bottom now we're here" was obviously the theme of our climb to the roof.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Oh my gosh. So beautiful! That view from the roof is spectacular!

  2. First off love the Drake reference at the end of the post! Drake just performed in my hometown, of course right after I leave, and I am jealously stalking all of my friends photos of his concert. Anyways aside from Drake what beautiful pictures. The old cathedrals always amaze me with how beautiful they are and how detailed they were built! Awesome photos!


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