08 December 2013

I finally made it to Stonehenge! 
While the rocks are slightly underwhelming, it's still something everyone should see.
I was very impressed with the work being done around the heritage site. A museum is being built about a mile down the road, along with a cafe and new car park. 

In typical English style, it was freezing. 

The birds at Stonehenge are vicious!

What are some other World Heritage Sites you would like to visit?

Happy Sunday!


  1. Such a cool spot to experience. We just went to Giants Causeway in Ireland last week which is a World Heritage Site... such cool places in our world!

  2. I also found it a bit underwhelming when I visited but it was still a cool thing to be able to see!

  3. Aw I really liked it when we went! Did you get an audio guide? Because I feel like that made it for me.

    1. I did get the audio guide but it was so cold I barely listened to it! Lol.

  4. I remember driving down the motorway and suddenly seeing Stonehenge on my left and it took me totally off guard! It's so pretty :).


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