A Covent Garden Christmas | London

02 December 2013

I'm back from a wonderful weekend in London! 
Life has been pretty stressful lately. Between all the work I'm doing for school, I was in desperate need of a break. Because I was in the mood for a stress free trip, I decided against snapping pictures every chance I got. The only pictures I did manage to take were in Covent Garden, because it was just so darn pretty.

I'm so happy I got to escape reality for a bit.
Now, back to work!

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh . So . Pretty! Looks so much like holidays!

  2. I love covent garden at christmas time, they even have real reindeer sometimes!

  3. aw lucky you!! i havent been this year but i remember from last years how lovely and christmassy it is! x

  4. I love Covent Garden! It's definitely one of my favorite places in London! :) Hope you'll have a good week despite of the stress! :)

  5. Ooooh I haven't seen Covent Garden all decorated for Christmas yet. Will have to pop over :)

  6. Sometimes it's nice not to worry about taking pictures of everything and just enjoying your time :)


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