Throwback | Boston

06 April 2014

I'm attempting to organize my life.
And when I say life, I mean the 'Travel' page of my blog. 
Most of the countries I have visited were pre-Bristol in my Pocket. I thought long and hard about how I should include some of those travels, and it dawned on me: Throwbacks.
So grab a cup of tea and enjoy the lovely pictures of me in my awkward years.

Boston, Massachusetts
March 2013. 
Age: 21

As a history major, I quite enjoy vacations that involve historical activities and sites. As I was a senior at university in 2013, my parents let me pick the vacation spot for Spring Break.
I chose Boston, a city I had never been to but always wanted to visit.
I absolutely fell in love with Boston. The atmosphere and architecture in Boston is like nowhere else in the US. We stayed at a beautiful bed & breakfast a few blocks away from the Boston Common. Unfortunately, we were the last guests to stay before it closed down!

On our first full day in Boston we attempted to walk the Freedom Trail. While we managed about half of the trail no problem, we eventually gave up due to the weather! Us Texans are not used to snow!

Our second day we made a trip to Plymouth Rock. While the town of Plymouth is absolutely beautiful, the rock itself is a bit... underwhelming. Once again, we were defeated by the weather and ended up driving back to Boston for food and warmth.

The weather for Salem seemed to be on our side. Before our trip, we had spent a substantial amount of time trying to decide which museum to go to in Salem. We ended up picking the Salem Witch Museum. While the museum was very theatrical and touristy, we were provided with the history of witchcraft and the background story of Salem. We wandered around a bit before driving to Cambridge to visit the Harvard campus.

Our last day we wandered around in the morning before hitting up a tour of Fenway Park. I am not a huge baseball fan, but do enjoy the atmosphere of baseball games. I absolutely recommend doing a behind the scenes tour of the stadium as you get access to places such as the locker room and the seats on top of the Green Monster!

No trip to Boston is complete without a little trip to Fenway Park!

Happy Sunday!


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  2. Sorry typo in the first one* did you have a favorite Boston bit?

    1. I'd say Fenway Park, just because it was so typically Bostonian! Lol

  3. The Salem Witch Museum !!! I didn’t even know it existed!! I have GOT to go there! Thank you for sharing – I am a major traveller - Needless to say, I love your blog!


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