Thoughts From Abroad | Part 33

13 June 2014

  • Conversations with kids at work:
    • Kid: "How old are you?" 
    • Me: "23."
    • Kid: "I thought you were 16!"
  • Although I just spent the weekend in London, I'm going back on tomorrow to have lunch with an old study abroad friend! I'm really excited to see Rachel as I haven't seen her in 3 years!
  • I've eaten at Mission Burrito about 3 times this week. Is that bad?
  • Now that the undergraduate term is over, the library is soooo quiet. I can finally do some dissertation writing in peace!
  • I'm trying to plan a weekend trip to Italy sometime soon! Yay for little trips away!
  • American Horror Story: Freak Show has finally started releasing little tiny hints! Gah, I seriously cannot wait!
  • There's nothing more depressing than being inside an archive on a beautiful day, which is what I have on the agenda today.

Happy Friday!

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