Thoughts From Abroad | Part 35

27 June 2014

  • New blog layout... Again. What does everyone think??
  • I apologize for my brief absence from the blog this week. The stress of my dissertation and all the future visa stuff I have to do got to be a bit too much. On the bright side, my dissertation is going smoothly so far! 35% done!
  • I started my part-time summer job this week! I absolutely love working in a museum, especially in the summer when everyone is so happy!
  • I can't believe the weather the UK has been having lately. It's absolutely GORGEOUS! Every bit of free time is spent laying in the grass outside. However, free time comes sparingly.
  • I've almost caught up on Made In Chelsea. Just a few more episodes to go!
  • Today I met Miriam Margolyes, aka the woman who plays Professor Sprout! Needless to say, I was fangirling. I resisted mentioning the fact that I am a Slytherin. 

Happy Friday!

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