Bristol Museum & Art Gallery

01 July 2014

A few days ago I visited Bristol Museum & Art Gallery for the first time.
Located at the top of Park Street, I walk by it on a daily basis.
For some reason though, I just never found the time to go.
I was extremely impressed with the collection. From Rome to China, this museum has it all. It's even home to a few Banksy pieces.

As a person who has volunteered and worked in museums for the last seven years, I know a good museum when I see it. I'm a big fan of interactive museums, and Bristol Museum & Art Gallery does it perfectly.  Without compromising the historical atmosphere, the museum has added educational touch screens, desktops, and learning centers to improve the quality and quantity of material provided.

My favorite part about the museum is the architecture of the building itself. It's absolutely beautiful!
Interesting fact: In 1940, a bomb went off in the main hall of the museum. You can still see the damage on some of the pillars today. 

Like most museums in England, Bristol Museum & Art Gallery is free.

Happy Tuesday!

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