Bristol Balloon Fiesta | 2

11 August 2014

On Saturday night I made the hike up to Ashton Court where the Bristol Balloon Fiesta was being held. After thinking to myself the long walk in the cold wasn't worth it, I was pleasantly surprised by the festival grounds! Not only were there balloons, but also rides, games, and of course, food! It essentially had the same feel of the Houston Rodeo, without all the livestock. I spent the evening walking around before finding a spot to watch the Nightglow. The Nightglow, a synchronized lighting of about 20 hot air balloons to music, was a perfect way to spend the evening. Afterwards, the show concluded with a wonderful fireworks display.
Bristol's association with balloons began back in the 1960s when 7 Bristolians decided to make a new type of balloon, one that had just been launched in America. They created Europe's first modern hot air balloon. Shortly after, one of the creators decided to take their new success further, founding Cameron Balloons Ltd. The idea of the fiesta was then discussed over a few pints, and in 1979 the first Bristol Balloon Fiesta was born.

Happy Tuesday!

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