Park Street | Bristol

09 September 2014

Arguably the most important street in Bristol, Park Street links the busy city centre to the University of Bristol. One of the steepest shopping streets in all of England, Park Street is home to shops, restaurants, and even a Banksy. Furthermore, this quirky street happened to be my home for the past year. 

I was skeptical about posting much about Park Street while I was living there. This is the internet after all, and I didn't necessarily want everyone knowing where I lived. Seeing as I have moved to a new flat recently, a post on Park Street seemed completely overdue. 

At the bottom of Park Street sits Bristol Cathedral. At the top sits Wills Memorial Building. Walking up, you’ll find a Freemason Lodge, a 3 pound book shop, and eve an abandoned Starbucks. The randomness of the street adds to its character. The mix of historical buildings, independent shops, and chain restaurants makes it the perfect place to spend an afternoon or evening.

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Happy Tuesday!

Also, I know I said I was "back" after my little blogging break, but I still don't have Wifi in my new place! Trust me, nothing is more annoying than having so many awesome blogging ideas and not being able to get online! 

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