St. Nicholas' Market | Bristol, England

19 September 2014

Located in the center of Bristol's Old City is St. Nicholas Market. The market itself was established in 1743, however it is known to be the location of traders as far back as early medieval England, as it is located within the original city walls. The phrase "on the nail" originated at St. Nicholas Market, as brass pillars (or 'nails') were used to exchange payments. 

St. Nicholas Market is home to permanent  independent shops, restaurants, and stalls. However, it is also home to temporary farmers stalls and other various traveling vendors. I am a constant visitor to the market as the food is to die for. On this particular occasion though, I had decided to take a morning stroll, even before many of the stalls were open. Sometimes it's nice to enjoy the quietness of the morning before the rest of the world is functioning. The market is open from Monday to Saturday, 9:30am - 5pm. 

The St. Nicholas Market area is also the location of many TV shows, including the 2012 Doctor Who Christmas Special.

Happy Friday!

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