An Afternoon in Bath

14 October 2014

Occasionally, it's nice to escape from familiarity. 
I was feeling rather restless in Bristol one afternoon and decided I needed to just go somewhere. Book in hand (Gone Girl if you were wondering), I walked to the train station with no idea where I would end up. When I arrived at Temple Meads, I looked at the train timetables and immediately picked Bath as it was the next train departing. As Bath is only a 10 minute journey from Bristol, I have been plenty of times before. However, I wasn't looking for a big day out. I was just looking for a different place to sit and read.

As an expat, I'm no stranger to throwing myself in unfamiliar settings. While Bath wasn't exactly unfamiliar, I surrounded myself in a different environment. I find even the smallest trips that serve no purpose at all can result in a lovely afternoon.

Happy Tuesday!

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