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11 October 2014

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from the M Shed inviting me plus one to a private viewing of their new exhibit, Moved By Conflict. It was a thank you for writing a post about them a little while back, and I eagerly accepted the invite. 

The exhibit itself was brilliant. With so much going on commemorating World War I, it was nice to see a different take on the war: Bristol's take to be exact. The exhibit showcases the lives of Bristolians during WWI and how daily life was changed during the conflict.  I am a huge fan of interactive exhibits (so much so that I've previously written an essay about it) and I was NOT disappointed by Moved By Conflict. Upon walking into the exhibit, you are presented with six characters, each with a different background story. Once you've decided on a character, you pick up the corresponding wristband. Each wristband allows you to use the interactive screens throughout the exhibit and watch short monologues presented by your chosen character. The exhibit has artifacts, letters, books for research, and even two giant inflatable globes. The whole exhibit was entertaining and educational. Moved By Conflict will appeal to a wide variety of audiences as the presentation of the exhibit uses a diverse range of mediums. 

If you find yourself in Bristol sometime before March, I highly recommend a trip to the M Shed! On a normal day, the M Shed is a great museum, but the exhibit just adds so much more! 

Moved By Conflict opens to the public today and will remain open until 1 March 2015. 

Happy Saturday!

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