28 May 2015

The Royals | I actually hate the fact that I'm admitting this. In case you are not familiar, the Royals is E!'s first scripted series about a fictional royal family. Yes, the whole idea of the show is ridiculous (the queen is smoking hot, the princess is a drug addict, and the prince is Peter from the Chronicle's of Narnia), and yes, it bugs me SO much whenever they refer to themselves as the royal family of ENGLAND, not the United Kingdom. But the entire show is addicting in a way I can't explain. Maybe I miss the Uk or maybe I just love that 'Gossip Girl' style drama. Who knows, but I've been enjoying every second of this ridiculous show.

New Orleans | When I began planning a girls trip to New Orleans a couple months back I began feeling inspired by the Big Easy. I had been to New Orleans before but the city has always captivated my interest. From blues music to black dresses and fedora hats, this past month New Orleans has not been far from my mind. As you read this, I am actually packing for a trip to the bayous of Louisiana, and I'm sure I'll have plenty of stories to tell.

Black | I know it's summer, but my obsession with the color black has taken off this year. I've always been a fan of a colorful wardrobe but something has drawn me to buying clothes in the timeless color of black this season. From black shoes to black rompers to black dresses, I've been the girl rocking the color black in the brutal Texas heat!

History Extra Podcasts | I'm entitled to one history related favorite a month, right? After all, I just spent the last year and a half working on a masters degree in history. I first met the editor of BBC History Magazine through a class at the University of Bristol. Public history has been a topic that has fascinated me since I began my history degrees. Being exposed to different platforms of history through this class really opened my mind to the variety of possibilities us as historians have to educated the general public. BBC History Magazine's History Extra podcast have become a favorite of mine and if I can just get one of my readers to get hooked on them like I have I'll be a happy blogger.

24 | I am officially 24! My birthday was yesterday and 24 feels pretty much like 23. So much has changed in the past year. 23 was by far my favorite year ever. Goodbye 23, hello 24!

+ The lovely Christina from Route Bliss has been hanging out on my sidebar this month. Check out Route Bliss here.
+ After about a year away, I have finally started using my Tumblr again!
+ I know this cover is slightly old, but I've been listening to a lot of Fleetwood Mac lately. Best cover of Dreams ever.
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+ This is possibly the most adorable video ever. 

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Happy end of May! Who else celebrated a birthday this month? I know there are so many May babies likes myself in the blogging world!

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