The Lost Pictures | Bristol

23 July 2015

During my short visit back to Bristol in February I found myself snapping away on a beautiful sunny morning. The Harbourside played an important role in my daily life when I was a resident of this busy city. I lived on the harbour, I walked along side it to work, and I would occasionally treat myself to a drink or two on one of the harbour's many overpriced cafes, restaurants, or bars. Standing on the harbour as a tourist rather than a resident was a strange feeling. I knew I had to take advantage it. 

It was Pancake Day (obviously a good day to remember) and although Elle and I couldn't find any pancakes in Bristol (don't worry, we found some in Bath) we stumbled across a few things that reminded me of why Bristol is generally awesome. From an interactive art instillation on Pero Bridge to a canal cruise on the Avon, Bristol is quite possibly the coolest city ever. Looking back on these pictures reminds me of how lucky I was to live in such a beautifully unique place. 

It would be a shame to let these pictures go to waste. I only recently stumbled across them. Although there are only a few, I thought anyone who has lived in Bristol, England would appreciate them as much as I do. 

Elle casually making an appearance on the blog as she does.

Check out some more awesome pictures of Bristol's Harbourside here.

Happy Thursday!

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