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20 July 2015

Picking a hotel for my stay in London this summer was difficult to say the least. When I lived in England I would either stay with friends or stay somewhere touristy on the request of the guest who was visiting me at the time. However, this particular visit was different.  I wanted to avoid the tourist traps while simultaneously staying somewhere central and easy. Shoreditch quickly came to mind.

I had never been to London's hip neighborhood of Shoreditch and I was worried about getting ripped off on prices and/or quality. There were quite a few Shoreditch hotels that had been reviewed in the blogging world, but reviews varied drastically and I wasn't willing to pay that much.  Instead, I picked a reasonably priced hotel near Old Street Tube Station. 

The Z Hotel Shoredicth stood out to me for many reasons, but what set it apart from every other hotel in London was the affordable price and location. I had no difficultly finding it, and before we knew it we were opening the doors to a gorgeous modern room.

The Z Hotel Shoredicth had a lot to offer. The room was spacious yet presented creative ways to store our luggage. There was plenty of room under the bed for my bags and the walls had hooks and hangers for anything that needed hanging. The bathroom had shelves and hooks, and the shower was the perfect water pressure. The only thing I didn't like? At night the room could get a bit warm but we were in London during the summer, I'm just grateful there was air conditioning! Outside the room the halls were quiet and clean. In fact, the entire hotel was beyond tidy! But the best part about the stay? Each night the cafe downstairs offered complimentary wine and cheese. It was a brilliant concept that I can't rave about enough! 

The Z Hotel has locations in Victoria and Soho if you are looking for something more central, however our stay in Shoreditch proved to be both convenient and relaxing. 

The Best Things About Our Stay:
+ Free wine and cheese every evening in the cafe!
+ Clean, clean, clean!
+ Modern and open design. 
+ Easy access to the tube.
+ Some of the friendliest staff in a London hotel.
+ And of course, free WiFi!

For three nights in June the cost of my stay was 370 pounds, a bargain in my opinion for summer in London. 

Do I recommend this hotel?
Yes! If you are looking for something easy to get to and reasonably priced, the Z Hotel is perfect. In total I've stayed in seven London hotels. Although some are more luxurious I found the Z Hotel Shoredicth to be the most bang for your buck. It is luxury meets comfort. 

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*The Z Hotel offered me an upgraded room upon hearing of my review. However, all opinions are my own and I highly recommend this hotel to anyone looking for a reasonably priced hotel in an easy-access part of London. 

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