24 Hours in Chicago + A Travel Vlog

24 February 2016

People often ask how I am able to travel. 
It's easy really. 
Even though I work a full time job, travel has become a huge priority in my life. 
I focus my savings and my time around it.
Lets just say 2016 has become my self proclaimed "year of travel". 

My friend and I decided to visit an old friend in Chicago this past weekend. We had 24 hours really. One night in Chicago, one in Indiana (where my friend lives), and then back home. So we immediately began our action pack 24 hours in the Windy City. 

I learned pretty quickly that Chicago is the classic American city. It was a city I knew well without ever visiting before. There were so many sights that I had seen in movies or read about in books, but I realized quickly I didn't know much about the city itself.

A fairly young city, Chicago was officially founded in 1833 by a handful of US settlers. It quickly grew as a city of trade with the introduction of steamboats and trains. However, all of Chicago's progress was quickly halted by the Great Fire of 1871. Most of the city was destroyed, allowing for a new kind of city to emerge: one of architecture marvels. The city grew UP and OUT. By 1900 the population of Chicago had grown to almost 2 million. 

There are so many things to do in a 24 hours time period. We started the day off early at the Bean, before ice skating at Millennium Park. Zooming across town we strolled around Lincoln Park Zoo before seeing the sights at Navy Pier. We even rented a couple of bikes and mastered the art of cycling in a big city!

A little piece of the Alamo all the way in Chicago :)

Chicago Culture Center | Free
The Bean | Free
Ice Skating in Millennium Park | $12
Lincoln Park Zoo | Free
Renting a Bike | $9.95 + additional fees for time
Navy Pier | Free 

I recently purchased a GoPro and decided to test it out in the Windy City. Let me know what you think of the whole "travel vlogging" thing! Click HERE for the video, or watch it below. 


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