Sublime Sushi | Chicago

29 February 2016

Chicago is a city famous for pizza, hot dogs, and popcorn. Having tried pretty much all of those within our first 24 hours, my friends and I were craving something a little different. Enter the hip and trendy neighborhood of Lincoln Park. We strolled around looking through the windows of the many restaurants (most of which did not open until 2pm). Finally, spotting a place that was in fact open, we went inside.

Sublime Sushi didn't look like much at first. Being the only people in the restaurant around noon on a Saturday left us all a little skeptical. However, after speaking to the excited waitress, we learned they had only opened a few days previously and were still trying to establish themselves in the area. The menu was vast, offering every kind of sushi under the sun. We each went for a different option. Our food was delicious, reasonably priced, and the atmosphere was to die for. 


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