My First Exaptiversary!

13 September 2014

Exactly one year ago I arrived in Bristol knowing absolutely no one. I was excited and terrified at the same time. England had been on my mind ever since my summer in London back in 2011. My obsession grew, and eventually lead me to pursue a Masters degree in England. 

A year later and I couldn't be happier. I have completed my Masters degree, I have an amazing boyfriend, and I have been presented with opportunities that would have never happened for me back home. So, to celebrate my first expativersary, here are twelve highlights from my first year in England!

1 | Meeting this nugget (and yes, this is J's first 'real' appearance on the blog) 

2 | Traveling through rural Ireland

3 | Being interviewed by BBC Radio about my blog

4 | Drinking champagne in the Shard

5 | Climbing the rigging on the ss Great Britain

6 | Seeing the Welsh coast for the first time

7 | Transcribing medieval manuscripts at the National Archives

8 | Watching the Nightglow at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta 

9 | Climbing to the top of Wells Cathedral

10 | Visiting the Harry Potter Studios

11 | Introducing my family to my life in England

12 | And finally... Finishing my dissertation!

I can't believe how quickly this year has passed. I have absolutely loved this past year, and can't wait to celebrate even more expativersaries in the future!

Happy Saturday!

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