Shanklin | Isle of Wight

06 November 2014

Our adventure continues on the Isle of Wight

After a short trip to SandownElle and I were ready to head to our next destination: Shalkin. Elle, having done far more research than I, knew it was only a short trip away. Yet the distance of the two cities on the map didn't seem walkable, so we opted for the bus. But after waiting an hour for the bus only to be told it didn't go to Shanklin, Elle and I settled on taking a train. The train station in Sandown sparked much debate on horror movies and being murdered in the middle of nowhere but once the train came we were instantly put at ease. 

Five minutes later, we were in Shanklin. We walked up to the coastline and looked down. There, in the near distance was Sandown Pier. Yep, we had waited an hour and some to get to a city we could have walked to in 15 minutes. Our spirits, while slightly defeated, were ready for Shanklin. Shanklin is a beautiful Victorian seaside resort. Every other building was an inn or hotel, all of which looked closed for the winter. The beach itself looked too cold for a dip, but was a perfect spot for a few "profile pictures". Shanklin was by far my favorite stop on our visit to the Isle of Wight so I highly recommend it! Stay tuned for Shanklin Chine!
Happy Thursday!

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