The Search for King Arthur | Glastonbury, England

12 November 2014

Elle and I are kindred spirits. Both from the Houston area, both Texas Tech graduates, both now living in Bristol, England. So when I found out I was going to have the weekend off I knew she would be up for a couple days of traveling. We spent hours trying to pick out our destination, but because it was so last minute most places we all booked up! Because of this, we decided to stay slightly local and explore Bristol's surroundings areas. Our first stop: Glastonbury.

Glastonbury is often only discussed today in relation to the famous Glastonbury Festival, held every June. However, the town itself has a unique history to offer. For example, historians have been able to trace Glastonbury's origins to the Iron Age, some 4,000 years ago! It was also the site of Edmund II's coronation in 1016 and even the rumored location of King Arthur grave.
The association of King Arthur and Glastonbury dates back to the 1190s. The legend of King Arthur itself had been firmly established by that time with Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia Regum Britanniae. Most likely, the monks of Glastonbury Abbey created a story about finding King Arthur's grave to bring the abbey extra revenue. However, the 800 year old myth is still told today as there is little evidence to suggest either for or against it!
Elle and I arrived in Glastonbury on a cold but sunny day. I was excited to see the legendary abbey and the rumored grave of King Arthur. We found the abbey easy enough (the entire town is practically built around it) and explored the 36 acre site for only 5 pounds! The peaceful site is home to the abbey, a few ponds, and a remarkable view of Glastonbury Tor. However, the clouds started rolling in and soon enough we were looking for Arthur's grave in the cold winter rain. The sites of Arthur's grave and tomb were marked clearly, but don't be surprised that Arthur really isn't there. His remains were lost during the Reformation! After a few snaps, it was time for a cup of tea at The Looking Glass Cafe before heading to our next stop. 

Happy Wednesday!

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